Quick and Easy Earwig Trap

photo by Gilles Gonthier

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my small yard is teeming with earwigs. The problem with earwigs is they eat indiscriminately. So, they eat not only plant-eating bugs, but beneficial insects as well, and your plants. They’re really just looking out for themselves, but what really bothers me is the way they crawl up my laundry rack, and hide in my underwear waiting to jump out at me when I fold my laundry. It’s definitely enough to make me do the squirmy dance, and let’s face it, as upset as I may get about them eating my plants, it’s not enough to make me make me shriek and squirm on the spot.

So, I happened upon a pretty nifty DIY earwig trap recently. I don’t happen to remember where I read this, but I’m passing it on. You take a small plastic container, like a cottage cheese container, and punch several holes in the lid. Into the lid you stir up equal parts soy sauce and oil, any liquified oil like olive oil or canola would be fine. Snap the lid in place, and bury it in the ground up to the lid of the container. The earwigs are attracted to the soy sauce, and crawl in, but because of the oil they can’t crawl out. Just dump out the container and refill as necessary.

I haven’t tried this yet, myself, but I’m eager to. Let me know how it works, if you happen to try it, or if you have any cool pest traps of your own.


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