Jennifer took a horticultural technician course 12 
years ago, which she never finished, (much like her 
fine arts degree.) Completion of the program was 
imminent upon completion of a pesticide applicators 
test, and her landscape design project, both of which 
she did not want to complete, but being against 
pesticides seems a nobler reason for dropping out.
So we'll go with that. 

 Since then she has worked at a couple organic farms, and a couple 
different groundskeeper jobs, but largely her education and 
experience only provided her with minimum wage jobs that she got 
laid off from every winter. So it has been 10 years since 
she has  worked in the gardening industry at all.

 Now she works at a lovely educational toy store while 
homeschooling her 9 year old son, and killing houseplants. 
She has decided to offset the growing cost of food by growing 
as much of her own as possible. She will be doing this on her 
back patio in containers,and in a community garden plot that 
she is very excited about getting.
 It should also be mentioned that Jennifer lives on 
Vancouver Island, which is a zone 8.

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